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Marqt is a leading Dutch supermarket chain when it comes to healthy and sustainable food. Sometimes referred to as the Wholefoods of Holland, Marqt has led the charge to offer great quality, healthy food and pay decent prices to suppliers operating with respect for animals, nature and people.

In addition, Marqt has introduced the marqtwerking principle which rewards all stakeholders for helping build a healthy food supply chain. This offers a powerful alternative to the typical race to the bottom in the food industry where low prices, the urge for cost savings and relentless shareholder value negatively affect climate, nature, animals and people. Marqtwerking includes fair prices paid to suppliers, and profit-sharing with customers and employees and aligning these incentives will lead to a better food system with rewards for all stakeholders.

Since its inception in 2008, Marqt has grown to over 15 stores, and is looking to further expand with fresh capital provided by Social IV and Triodos Organic Growth Fund.

Stimulating systemic change

It is absolutely critical for Marqt to bring on new investors who support the next level of our unique Marqtwerking concept, where customers and employees share in the profit of the company. Social IV has been leading the charge of aligning financial incentives with social impact objectives and is a natural fit with Marqt!
– Quirijn Bolle, founder of Marqt

The investment and support from Social IV is aimed at further impact development and growing the number of stores in Netherlands.

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